Six Best Tips for Moving Into a Temporary Location

March 1, 2019
Nine Planets

It is becoming more the norm now for people to renovate their homes or apartments rather than relocate to another residence. The majority of clients who choose to renovate rather than move or build do so because they are in prime locations, enjoy or depend on the neighborhood amenities or would like to keep their kids in the same schools. Organizing and orchestrating a temporary move can be as challenging, if not more so, than a planning a move to a new location. Not to mention the stress of being unsettled during the time the renovation is being done.

NouvelleView has extensive and varied experiences with “renovation” moves and below are six tips that can help streamline the process:

  1. Plan ahead: There are countless details to be addressed from changing utilities to deciding what to bring to your temporary home. Having a strategic plan that provides a detailed breakdown of the various stages of the move including timing and budget will help avoid anxiety and contribute to executing a smooth move. A checklist of key points can be made from the plan to track the job as it goes along. Another helpful tool is getting floor plans of the temporary location. This will give you the chance to determine furniture choices and room configurations beforehand.
  2. Purge: A temporary move is an excellent time to trim down. Whether it is extraneous clothing, furniture, books, and decorative items or sports equipment, there is always room to toss. Be ruthless. It is expensive to move and to store items and purging will help manage the cost. The process will make you realize how much is kept long after its “sell buy” date. If you are in a neighborhood that allows it, you may want to consider having a moving sale – dispose and get cash!
  3. Create an Inventory: First, categorize your items according to what will be taken, what will be stored and what will be discarded. Then create an inventory that, apart from being a great insurance tool, can be a blueprint for easy reference. A good detailed inventory will include photos, descriptions, locations [from or to], measurements and condition of each item. Particularly with interim moves it will be invaluable in keeping track of items as you are in transit and helpful in planning designs for your new home.
  4. Slim Down the “To Do” List: Are there items of furniture to be reupholstered or repaired? Carpets and drapes that need to be cleaned? Art that needs to be reframed? A temporary move is a great time to get those projects underway and take advantage of free storage in the interim.
  5. Choose the Best Moving and Storage Vendor: Picking the right mover is the most important thing you will do in a relocation. Every move has its own set of variables that need to be addressed and finding the right vendor will make all the difference in the outcome. For most, it can be challenging to determine who to choose. As seasoned moving consultants, NouvelleView has the advantage of knowledge of a deep bench of sources allowing for us to recommend the best mover tailor made for each job. From there, we supervise with meticulous care the packing, transport and installation of each item. Our relationship with proven vendors also ensures accountability of performance and competitive prices. The right expertise and assured accountability is key to a successful job.
  6. Move-In Plan: Take the time to plan out the details of the move in prior to the actual day. This will help greatly in the resettlement when the renovations are complete. Having tools such as a detailed inventory and accurate floor plans will allow you to plot out choices and configurations. Proper and detailed labeling of boxes at the time of packing will provide quick allocation of items to designated areas and facilitate unpacking. Setting up organizational systems prior to the move in is also recommended for an easy transition.

Have a full time job or a packed schedule? Focus on what you do best and hire a moving consultant/concierge such as NouvelleView to make your move seamless and stress free. It’s what we do best.