Renovation Sale Saves the Day!

January 11, 2017
Patti Mazzarella

renovation-sales-saves-the-dayI just rang in the New Year with my sister who is getting ready to renovate her shore home. Although excited about the work to be done, she became over whelmed by the contents of her home. She lamented “How did I accumulate all this stuff and how can I get rid of it?” Now being my sister, I knew I was being set up. She knew I wouldn’t be able to resist taking control of the project and providing the solution, a Renovation Sale!

The coast-to-coast craze for Estate and Tag Sales attests to the fact that they are an efficient, cost-effective and, best of all, liberating way to dispose of all that nonessential, undesirable, redundant and unloved stuff that accrues in everyone’s life.

Whether downsizing, relocating or redecorating, you can sell just about anything at an moving sale; from paintings to pianos… from sheets to sweaters!

NouvelleView are pros at conducting sales of all types. Not only do we have expert knowledge of how to organize, stage, price and style a home to optimize a moving sale success, we also have the contacts to successfully market the sale. Our multi-media advertising strategically targets a community of buyers to ensure a financially successful sale.

Since sisters always share, below are my 10 Top Tips to prepare for your Sale:

Take stock of all your belongings. Cull, sort and organize as you go.

  1. Ascertain if there are items you or a family member simply cannot live without. If so, label them and move them into a designated area or room marked “Not for Sale”.
  2. Designate another area or room for items to donate to charity and make a list for tax deductions.
  3. Organize any receipts or provenance descriptions. This will help with pricing as well as items for donation.
  4. Discard all unwanted personal products and paperwork.
  5. Discard all outdated electronics, including VHS players and non-flatscreen TVs.
  6. Discard all broken, chipped and stained items.
  7. Consider arranging for an on-site Dumpster—it may be the most economical solution for disposal.
  8. Don’t concern yourself with staging or styling or appraising…that’s the job for the NouvelleView team.
  9. Finally, to decrease stress, start early! Depending on the size of your home, allow two weeks to two months for prep.

One last note: Make plans to be away during the prep and sale. Emotions can sometimes get the best of us and hinder the selling process.

Rest assured, the capable hands of NouvelleView has you covered!