Outstanding Customer Service – 10 Things to Know for Success

February 18, 2020
Nine Planets

We have been in business of relocation and moving services consultants for some 15 years and have had the privilege of working with a diverse group of Clients. We’ve had bold print named Clients such as a Broadway star, a multi-Emmy award winning actor, a leading fashion icon, an internationally famous photographer and several “Captains of Industry”. We’ve also had downsizing empty nesters, up-and- coming professional couples, successful single and a host of wonderful families in all shapes and sizes. We have truly been blessed.

The project specs are different for each one of our Clients whether it is local or cross-county move; home renovation or professional organizers and we meet the challenges of every job with individual creative solutions. The only consistent common thread throughout is our standard of Customer Service. It is the most important part of any service business and the top priority for us.

Here are ten of the many things we do:

  1. Understand the goals of your Customers. Although you will provide, and they will benefit, from your expertise, it’s important to listen first before speaking. Make sure you make a record of their priorities. At NouvelleView we have found each Clients’ priorities are different, from transporting fine art to moving well-loved stuffed animals.
  2. Have a detailed plan for the project. After meeting with the Client, develop a strategic plan, agreed to by the Client, including timelines and budgets. Everyone has experience or heard horror stories about run-away projects, delayed timelines and significant over budget. Make sure you give a realistic plan that can be delivered.
  3. Keep the Client informed frequently throughout the job of progress and any blips in the plan. Expertise and creative problem solving solutions will quickly put the job back on track.
  4. Be available and respond soonest to Clients’ queries or concerns. Let them know you are reachable and accountable.
  5. Train your staff. Your business is only as strong as the team that serves you. Make sure they understand the nuances of excellent Customer Service and the importance of putting “best foot forward” in terms of dress, Client respect and positive attitude.
  6. Go the extra mile. The result will be an indebted and happy Customer and put you on the radar for future business. Repeat Customers are a great source of business as well as a way of attracting referrals.
  7. Exceed expectations. Give at least 110% of what was promised.
  8. Give the Client something in return [a few hours of free organizing or running some errands without charge].
  9. Understand and implement 100% discretion of the Client’s privacy and details. It is of the upmost of customer service to keep any such information within the confines of the job.
  10. The job is never finished until the Client is totally satisfied. Be sure to follow after the job is competed.

Outstanding Customer service should be the hallmark of your company. 
At NouvelleView we provide unsurpassed, undivided attention throughout each assignment. We are known for following these principals and our reputation has resulted in repeat business and many referrals.

Pamela Muller