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collage image of NouvelleView team moving boxes and setting up a home interior, all part of their luxury moving servicesThe NouvelleView process starts with our first meeting! We work with you to define the scope of your project and develop a detailed strategic plan for the move, including timeframe and budget. Pre-planning is next. We help organize your things, vet and hire a moving company and carefully label everything to be moved.

NouvelleView works with handpicked seasoned movers to ensure you receive the best quality of service at competitive fees while giving expert care to every item, including fine arts and antiques. NouvelleView oversees and documents each stage to make sure you are in safe hands. We tend to every detail, from Picassos to a vintage wine collection, or even a favorite teddy bear.

After the move, NouvelleView goes to work to make sure every room is organized, every box is unpacked and every closet is arranged. We contract for art to be hung, media systems to be set up as well as other installations.

Your move is our first priority. You have our undivided attention, every step of the way. Your designated project manager ensures that every aspect is handled in a thorough and timely manner whenever you call.

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Twenty-seven years ago we moved our young family from New York to Boston. When it was time for retirement we had 27 years of memorabilia and a mountain of stuff. I was paralyzed with fear of a move, and overwhelmed with sadness of losing all the memories, friends, etc. during the transition. Enter NouvelleView…….Upon arrival at our new home, everything was perfectly arranged and organized, even down to my boots lined up according to height. They even hunted down the vehicle transport company to save our vehicles shipped to Florida from being returned to Dover. Sometimes you need some help with a huge, live-changing event. I got that from NouvelleView. Thank you for saving us from disaster and stress. And making our first day a beautiful moment to remember.

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