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image of NouvelleView team member cataloguing a priceless rug as part of inventory collections management serviceNouvelleView can catalogue your art and antiques, as well as household furnishings and other possessions. Using our collections management software, our team can consolidate your important information and records into a sortable database. We offer a cost-effective, user-friendly way to keep track of your possessions as well as updating data and adding new acquisitions.

Home inventories are invaluable for showing insurance purposes as providing appropriate documentation in case of loss, damage, or in probate. They’re also quite handy for surveying, de-cluttering, and organizing your properties.

Our database provides separate records for each artwork. We include photographs, descriptive details, and electronic scans of hard copy documentation such as receipts, provenance records, photos with artists and exhibition catalogs. Customized reports and levels of detail are available as well.

During a move, inventories are a valuable tool for keeping track of items during transition as well as documenting conditions of the piece. You will be able to easily maintain the database yourself after a brief tutorial, or you can take advantage of Fine Art Inventory’s (FAI) maintenance packages for ongoing service.

NouvelleView orchestrated the pack up of my home of 30 years. I was amazed at the speed at which they organized and tagged three floors filled with antique furniture and family memories. My favorite of their many services was the detailed inventory they provided that had every item to be moved listed with its destination, measurements, photos and condition report included. Since many of my things were put in interim storage, having that information was invaluable in planning for its long-term use.

NouvelleView’s expertise saved me time, money and confusion. Not to mention more than a few gray hairs. Bravo NouvelleView.

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