Five Best Reasons to Hire a Moving Concierge

February 13, 2019
Nine Planets

It is said that moving is one of the top three most stressful events in life. Apart from anything else, there is the emotional stress of leaving memories behind and starting fresh in a new home. First, there are a countless amount of details that even a “simple” residential move entails. There is finding an ideal place to relocate. Then it’s finding the right moving company who you can trust to safely transport your possessions. Also there are the many tasks such as sorting through items, determining what to keep, discard or donate. From small tasks such as a change of address at the Post Office to a larger project of moving you into your new home, where every box is unpacked and discarded and every closet is arranged, it takes time, planning and execution.

No need to despair. There is help available. NouvelleView, a moving consultant/concierge, will manage all aspects of your move from picking an appropriate mover to getting your home to a turnkey state upon arrival. The consultant will address and pay attention to every detail of your relocation, cutting through the red tape well as relieve your emotional overload to guarantee a successful result.

Five best reasons for hiring a moving concierge/consultant

  1. Experience – The moving concierge has a wealth of experience in dealing with the moving process. From the most “simple” to the very complex. It brings to the process the most up-to-date market and industry’s best practices. NouvelleView truly appreciates the value of your possessions. Whether it is a priceless painting or treasured teddy bear, we are experienced in ensuring all your possessions are handled with the utmost care.
  2. Network – As a seasoned consultant, NouvelleView has a deep bench of sources. This knowledge allows us to pick the best movers for each job. We vet and recommend the one most appropriate to fit your needs. All our vendors have specialized experience in custom packing, and employees trained in careful handling. We then supervise with meticulous care the packing, transport and installation of each item. Our relationship with proven vendors also ensures accountability of performance and competitive prices. The right expertise and assured accountability is key to a successful job.
  3. Strategic Plan – Each move will have a strategic plan tailored to the needs of the client. It is a blueprint of process to be followed during the move. Having a strategic plan allows customers to track every aspect of their move as well as provide a compressive summary of all the steps that will be needed throughout. It includes an approved timeline and a budget that will be reviewed along the way.
  4. Attention to Detail –The next step after defining the scope is the execution that involves countless tasks to be performed as well as the follow up. This step is crucial to every successful move as “the devil is in the detail”. We understand the importance of tracking every detail and have systems in place to guarantee nothing is left undone.
  5. Customer Service –It is most important in any project for the client to have a single point of contact to which they have 24/7 access. Our team is made up of executive trained problem solvers who can answer any question, and trouble shoot any situation along the way. They understand how important it is to be available and respond quickly to a situation.

Avoid the pitfalls and trauma of your next move. Let NouvelleView guide you to a seamless, stress-free experience. Call us at 646-642-6954.