Cross Country Move for Your Furry Jet-Setters

September 13, 2016
Kris Buetti

pet-moving-serviceWe all get a bit anxious around moving day. It takes a toll physically and emotionally on everyone. But luckily most will get by with a little reassurance and support from family and friends. However, have you ever tried using simple logic on Fido or Fluffy on moving day? Not happening!

As moving specialists, our Nouvelle View team is highly skilled at keeping our clients relaxed and stress-free during the entire relocation process. And as animal lovers, we understand that moving your pets requires extra TLC. We get it… they are furry humans and a part of the family.

We recently managed a cross- country move for a family, which included their two dogs Jessie and Angus. They each had very distinctive personalities. Angus was definitely more laid back, where Jessie seemed a bit more high strung and neurotic. As the movers started packing, Jessie immediately knew something was going on and I was the one responsible for making it happen. She was staring at me with those sad eyes that all dog owners like myself know well, and she started following me everywhere around the home. She would pause every so often to dramatically flop on the ground in an exaggerated, tenacious way, while keeping that eye contact throughout. She starting taking random items out of our client’s bedroom, carried them around the house and dropped them on her own bed. She even took the liberty of relieving herself on their expensive Persian rug in the living room, which apparently was not something she had done since she was a puppy. Good Times.

On the day of the actual move, when all of the boxes had been packed up and the movers were starting to load the truck… Jessie had moved on to making this high- pitched yelping sound. Even Angus, who barely got up from his bed the entire time, knew something wasn’t right, so he also became extremely anxious and started to chime in. Poor things. Needless to say, it was not easy for our clients to watch their pets have such difficulty adjusting and this made the transition for them much more challenging.

The anxiety for both dogs continued at the destination as well. Luckily, by the end of the week, when we had the family completely unpacked and organized, both Jessie and Angus seemed much more comfortable and at ease.
The cute squeaky toys that we bought for them definitely helped, but here are some tips to make the entire transition for your pets go much smoother:

Reduce Your Pet’s Anxiety
Before, during, and after the move, it is important to consider their routines throughout the day. Do they like to be nearby touching you at all times? Do they prefer quiet solitude? As you pack up those remaining boxes, keep their individual preferences in mind. Create a quiet space for them during the pack up and move in. Make sure you don’t pack up their favorite toy or blanket.

Make your new Home pet-safe before they arrive
Check out your new home for any unsafe wires, electrical sockets or hazardous obstacles. Clean up the new area to carefully remove smells and signs of other pets that may have lived there prior to your move-in. Create an enclosed area of the new home that they can they can hang out in as soon as they arrive. This will make them feel more comfortable and will help avoid the possibility of them running and hiding to seek shelter from all of the scary elements.

Be Consistent
Routine is key for their well-being and happiness. If you feed your pet before attempting any other tasks in the morning, keep doing that after your move. And don’t change their bed, toys, medication, hairbrush, leash etc.

Good Luck to you and your furry Jet-Setters!