Closet Organization Ideas for Your Bedroom

February 6, 2020
Pamela Muller

Create Order Out of Chaos!

It’s a common dilemma. We become overwhelmed or perhaps even immune to our surroundings at home and the lack of order that day-to-day living brings. Like not being able to find things or buying multiples of items because you don’t know that you have a stock already at home. Many find the solution of organizing daunting, discouraging or just plain paralyzing. While hiring a professional organizer such as NouvelleView (we work nationwide) is an easy solution, here are some helpful tips that I share from my many years of creating order out of disorder.  Remember, you can only eat an elephant bite by bite. So let’s start by focusing on how to organize your bedroom closet. The following are helpful organizing tips to consider.

Purging – The First Step in Organization

  1.  Begin by sorting through all of your clothing and separating by type. Dresses with dresses, pants with pants, etc. 
  2. Consider purging all items that you have not worn in the last year, as well as those that you own multiples or don’t fit (we all harbor the dream that one day we will fit into something one or two sizes smaller or keep clothes that are too big just in case!). Be ruthless. 
  3. Make piles of all items that you are giving away, donating, or tossing. Get boxes and color tag each to keep them separate and easy to identify. Make sure friends and charities pick up immediately to get you clutter free.

Organizing – The Solution

  1. Try and arrange it so that, at a glance, everything in your closet can be seen. Or at least have a designated space for each item. This will avoid unnecessary time spent searching or making unnecessary repeat purchases.
  2. Arrange clothing by category – shorts, pants, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve, dresses, etc. Once clothing is arranged by category, arrange each by color and weight. 
  3. Hang everything long to short, left to right. This will help keep order and continuity going forward.
  4. Try to fold everything that can be folded to save space. For example, folding jeans instead of hanging them will free up space in the closet.
  5. Consider storing off-season items in flat plastic storage bins by category and label them for easy access later on.  Under the bed storage is ideal if that is an option.
  6. For dressers – drawer dividers with separate compartments are perfect for sorting by category. Expandable drawer dividers are also perfect for organizing accessories and clothing. Divide drawers into rectangles with boxes or dividers

Organizing Tools

  1. If arranging sweaters, t shirts or other items on shelves, clear shelf dividers will help keep everything tidy and in neat piles.
  2. Use thin matching velvet hangers (same size and color) for all hanging clothing – they are great space savers and keep everything streamlined and tidy.
  3. Clear lucite stackable bins are a great option for storing shoes below. 
  4. Tie and belt holders are very helpful for hanging various loose accessories if you have the space to install them in your closet.  
  5. Hooks are great for providing storage for bags, scarves and hats.
  6. Hampers or baskets help you tuck away dirty clothes and easily access them for the laundry.

Ready to start? To alleviate the stress of this daunting task – think about inviting a friend, family member, or professional to help you make decisions about the items you are unsure of. This will also turn what would normally be a painful experience into a more enjoyable one.

As our many clients will attest, our professional organizers at NouvelleView will get the job done without you having to lift a finger!