5 Efficient Ways to Feel at Home in Your New Home

August 21, 2017
Pamela Muller

Moving is quintessentially sad and exciting. Adjusting to a new home takes time and we all want to feel at home as quickly as possible. While the process inevitably takes some time, you can certainly speed up the transformation.

Here are 5 ways to feel at home more quickly in your new home:

1.   Stay Active

You might be tempted to isolate yourself after moving into a new house. You need to resist this urge and keep yourself socially and physically active. This helps set of mental processes that create a sense of home. Here are some things you should focus on:

Exercise. Whether you’re still unpacking or are all “settled in”, take some time out of your day for exercising. You need not do an extensive workout; even a walk around your house or around the block is better than saying indoors. A nice way to ease into this habit is taking a walk around your new neighborhood after dinner each day. Physical activity releases endorphins that help you be happy.

Local communities. It can be anything from a church to a book club, but join a local group. This helps forge new connections and develop positive associations with your new surroundings.

Local shopping. Next time you’re out, think about chatting with fellow shoppers and the staff. Getting to know the new “locals” expedites the sense of belonging.

The bottom line here is that you need to keep yourself from falling into a rut. The above mentioned activities will help you avoid this.

2.   Use a Comforting Color Palette to Decorate Your New Place

Regardless of our design aesthetic, we are all positively affected by the right colors. So it’s a good idea to choose color schemes that promote happiness, calmness and comfort. This can transform your new house to a place you can really call your own. Here are some nice color suggestions:

Earth Tones. From the rich reds to darker golds, earth tones create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. This is because these hues are easy on the eyes and inspire feelings of reassurance, ease and stability.

Pastels. Ocean tones, light colors and especially blue stimulates calm, cleanliness and peacefulness. Every wonder why Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other top social media platforms are blue?!

Warm Colors. Similar to the earth tones, warm colors also stimulate comfort. Brighter hues such as yellow and orange enhance your energy levels, making them particularly suitable for gathering areas.

3.   Cultivate Living Things

If you find yourself grieving after having left your cherished home, know that this too is normal. Some people even experience depression after moving. One of the best ways to counter such negative feelings is investing your time to cultivate living things.

Here are some things you can do:

Gardening. Even if you don’t have the right grounds for gardening, you can always put some herbs in your kitchen window. Gardening is great for developing a sense of belonging.

Spend more time with kids. Engaging more with your children helps you feel more connected. If you don’t have kids, you can volunteer at a daycare, library or hospital to feel a part of the community.

Play with your pets. You will find the unconditional affection of a pet instrumental in helping you assimilate to unfamiliar surroundings.

4.   Surround Yourself with the Familiar

Nothing like familiar trappings to help everything fall into place. Even before you completely settle in, you can better control your surroundings in the following ways:

  • Celebrate holidays with time-honored traditions (and perhaps some new ones as well)
  • Play your favorite music
  • Cook your favorite meals – it will fill your new house with the smells you love
  • Use scented candles to create an aroma that you’re used to

Try not to fight your new home’s setup by trying to getting it to look just like your old one. Rather, find the balance with with familiar accents. Think about the things that make you feel at home the most, and then work out how you can sometimes recreate some of those circumstances.

5.   Unpack

This might seem like a no-brainer but people are sometimes tempted to live out of storage while adjusting to the new home. But it’s better to get busy by decorating your new home and arranging the new furniture.

While you can have the moving service take care of everything without lifting a finger, it’s a good idea to become a little involved at least. You will feel much more at home once you know things like which key opens which lock, and where to find a tripping hazard.

As you implement the above tips to feel more at home in your new house, always feel free to reach out. Family, friends and ever neighbors can sometimes offer the support you need in such times.