Trust Don't Get Scammed When Moving

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This is exactly why Pamela and I had to form our company!  Before starting NouvelleView, being longtime residents of New York City, we had each been victims of mover fraud, extortion,rough handling and even loss of our belongings.  There were several reasons we were victims and fell prey to these many bogus movers.  I'd like to share with you what to do! 

  • Request prior client references, at least one!
  • Ask if they have a webpage, and read it.  Don't forget to look at their ratings.  Yelp, Google, etc.
  • If this "too good to be true" company does not provide you with these, don't use them!
  • We instruct all our clients to never ever give jewelry to any moving company. We have the NV system to ensure each of our precious clients that their belongings will be safe, protected and watched over every step of the way.
  • Most buildings in New York City need a certificate of insurance from the movers. You will probably need one from the building you are moving out of and the one you're moving into.

I remember when I moved from my apartment on the Eastside to the Westside, I had several challenging (aka horrible) things happen. I was too proud to admit that I didn't cross the T’s and dot the I’s when I hired this particular company.  It ended up costing me more than had I used a more reputable company, but I had no experience and therefore I blamed myself.  I asked for an estimate before hand, feeling very confident that I was doing the right thing. So far so good. When they came to pack me up, they opened a closet that I had forgotten to open (this happens a lot, we forget about all our storage spaces!). and discovered some more boxes in there. First mistake on my part. So naturally that cost more. They didn't give me an estimate at that time, their foreman had to get back to the shop, etc., etc. I accepted their explanation.   

Second mistake. The movers then put everything in their truck and said they would take care of it at the other end. Because by now it was the end of the day, they said they would stored overnight and bring it over the next morning. It would be a nominal fee not much at all. I didn't ask how much that would be. I also didn't ask what the new cost was. It all seemed fine, I was stressed and they seemed reasonable.  I was just too busy and annoyed to ask the right questions. And I didn't know what questions to ask, truth be told.  

Third mistake. When it came time for them to unload it into my apartment, they then gave me the balance due. It was twice the amount that they had quoted me, and they gave me several explanations. They had to store the things longer than anticipated; my building's small time window of using the freight elevator, the forgotten closet of things, the price of more boxes, etc.  The next day, they arrived to unload.  But, they needed one more small thing. I needed to pay them the balance due before anything was to be done. And, I needed give them a certified bank check. This was not on the original contract, but they said it was because I was acting all erratic and they didn't know if their work would be paid for, and their boss would get them in trouble, etc. So I ended up eating humble pie and paying them more money than I had anticipated. Over twice as much!  I had no recourse, no leverage and no strength to negotiate.  My experience was horrible. 

Pamela and I have shared stories, and we would love to hear your stories! Comment on this blog and we can have a good and bad moving story dialogue! We all have blamed ourselves, taking full responsibility when these kinds of moving companies taking advantage of us. It's fascinating how we don't value our belongings when it comes time to move them! We at Nouvelle View understand you. We've each been there. We tell you everything we can about your move prior to all selections of your movers.  You will be taking care of every step of the way. Our clients stand behind us; that's our biggest reward.  And the best advertisement! 

Happy moving!