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This weekend my nephew hosted a party at my house. There were lots of laughs, time in the pool and Spyderball games. I made myself scarce most of the time but when I did mingle, I observed the guests were all young professionals, still in their twenties, who had good jobs in the financial, legal and other such lucrative professions. They were young, ambitious, climbing the ladder and working 18-hour days to gain or maintain the competitive edge. They all complained that leisure time was scarce and they would much rather be playing Spyderball than taking care of mundane and other pesky responsibilities. Relocating was on the top of their list.

NouvelleView handles all aspects of moving, from planning through move-in serves. Our clients vary in all economic backgrounds. But, the predominant demographic has been those in their early forties to mid-sixties with incomes in seven figures. I realized there was a huge need for our services amongst the young professionals. And, it was a void that we could fill.

Figuring out how to reach them was our first challenge. Often we get clients from word-of -mouth referrals, so we had to get the word out there was a service for young professionals that would handle the planning and execution of a move, a luxury we were convinced they would embrace once they became aware of us. It was a challenging worth taking.

Initially we also emphasized the moving-in and organizing feature of our services, as everyone can use help streamlining their apartment and getting their personal things in order. We relied on targeted public relations to reach our goals.

Thus, we have experienced a whole new world of clients and we continue to expand. I can’t wait until next year’s party to spread the word and play some more Spyderball.

Pamela Muller