It's Better to Donate Than Accumulate....

Helping a client organize after an estate sale

Helping a client organize after an estate sale

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What does Oprah Winfrey, The Kardashian Family and NouvelleView have in common?…Running successful Estate Sales to benefit a cause!

Having an estate sale to benefit a favorite charity is an efficient way to bring awareness and needed funds to a worthy cause. “Celebrities have all this stuff they never use,” says Lance Bass of The View. “I try to be green as much as I can, so to me, secondhand is just the best way to buy", continues Bass.  The yard sales of our youth are all grown up and they are a sophisticated hip way to recycle, repurpose and reuse.   

Whether, redecorating, moving or just de-cluttering, our sales are a fun way to efficiently sell your treasured and not so treasured items.

NouvelleView has helped clients de-clutter, organize and sell no longer needed items. The results can be astonishing!  Clients are amazed how easy and fun the process can be once they are committed to paring down their belongings. NouvelleView believes that anytime clutter is removed from one’s home and life, beauty can shine.

While traditional sales can last 2-3 days, a "Benefit Sale" can be a one- day event. Adding food and refreshments adds a more festive feel, and of course signage and information on the specified charity is a must. Going one step further  and incorporating entertainment can make an extra splash. While hosting a Memorial Day benefit for injured veterans, we invited veterans young and old to attend a preview and share their stories.

NouvelleView's styling, staging and informed pricing are second to none. Our uniquely tiered marketing strategy ensures the right buyers end up on your doorstep or back yard. In addition, any charity you are benefitting will have supporters that will be eager to attend. The result is a fun mix of buyers.

You name the charity and we do the rest.....

Open your home or property to a Benefit Sale.  The charity, your heart and home will be grateful you did.

Let the sunshine in!

Sunset after this past weekend's estate Sale

Sunset after this past weekend's estate Sale