The Power of Preserving by Planning


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As we approach the Presidential election coming up in November, and we hear all the promises each of the candidates make, it strikes me how many relate to protecting what material things we have.

I was personally reminded of this when my 3-year-old niece Olivia visited me this weekend. Although she was only coming for a short stay, she arrived with her PawPatrol helicopter, 7 ancillary plastic characters, her pink blanket and “binki”. Throughout the weekend, after various trips [beach, children’s museum, candy store] she would reconnect with them to make sure they were safe. She even had a special bag to carry them in that went upstairs for bed and downstairs for breakfast. For Olivia they provide a sense of place and security.

Understandably, this is also true of our clients who are relocating – to a new home in the area, a new city or to temporary housing while renovations are underway. NouvelleView knows that relocation is a traumatic and stressful time and we don’t underestimate the importance of providing a good orderly direction, competence and attention to detail that give our clients a sense of security. We understand their needs and incorporate them in our strategic moving plan, where every aspect of the move is outlined, agreed to by the client, and implemented down to the last facet. We do what it takes so there are no surprises for the client when the move is completed.

More than many of our clients have described us as “move therapists”. They start out completely overwhelmed and skittish and are totally unconvinced that everything is going to work out. During the process they become believers and the stress level diminishes significantly. Our secret weapon is that we are very good at listening. Valuing what is most important to the client, rather than telling the client what should be important.

While there are many aspects of a move are universal, one of the most proven is that each client has their own PawPatrol menagerie or special blanket – things that are special to them and make them feel at home and safe. It can be a bin of family albums and mementos, a wardrobe box of favorite party dresses or painting bought on a honeymoon. These priorities are sacred to us and are on the top of the list when executing the plan. NouvelleView is focused on and expert at a seamless move, from planning to unpacking. Yet just as important to us is addressing the emotional aspect and impact to our clients during the transition.

We have a proven ability to deliver. Wouldn’t it be nice to say the same of the candidates?