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We are New York and Hamptons based personalized moving specialists, serving clients locally and internationally. NouvelleView plans and executes every aspect of your move - even a seemingly simple residential relocation includes hundreds of details! We are experts at coordinating complex Manhattan and Hamptons moves because we expect and anticipate the unexpected. Your valuables are always looked after with the specialized care of luxury, white glove, and fine arts moving. With NouvelleView, our clients relax during the relocation process - and come home to a fully moved and unpacked home. Learn more about us in The New York Times.




“It is my great pleasure to recommend Pamela Muller and NouvelleView. We were very impressed with her extraordinary organization and problem-solving. She was extremely polite and diligent during a complicated move. Pamela is a shining example of grace under pressure and it is my pleasure to recommend her company with my enthusiastic support.”
— John A. Hays, Deputy Chairman, Christie’s America
“NouvelleView’s assistance in orchestrating and overseeing our recent and very large consignment – over 200 pieces of high value art work – in a tricky, white glove, New York apartment building, was amazing. This was a job that involved three different art handling and moving companies, and with a very short window of time. Pamela, the NouvelleView team leader, kept the entire process under control and within the deadline. She was always a pleasure to be around, never seemed overwhelmed, and always knew exactly what was where, and what the priorities were. I would happily work with the NouvelleView team any time, as their professionalism was superb.”
— Brad Bentoff, Vice President, Sotheby’s Auction House
V. Santini Inc. is a third generation moving company started by my grandfather. The majority of our clientele is high-end, with large homes and intricate moving requirements. We are constantly amazed at how efficiently and skillfully NouvelleView handles even the most challenging jobs (in one move the client moved items to five different locations, including fragile works of fine art).

My team looks forward to any move overseen by NouvelleView as they know it will run smoothly and be fun.
— Jack Desimone, President, V. Santini and Sons, Westchester, NY
“My office designs luxury residential homes for clients that expect exceptional results. I have found that NouvelleView provides the focus, detail, energy and intelligence necessary to deliver the results that are required to complete a successful, worry-free job. Pamela Muller, NouvelleView’s owner and Patti Mazzarella provide hands-on work at the job site; packing, photographing, cataloguing, organizing and understanding where the clients belongings are being stored during construction and where they are to be located at move-in. I am appreciative of their professionalism and hard work and am confident in their ability. I have worked with NouvelleView a number of times and I highly recommend them to all my clients for their moving and organizing needs.”
— Paul Regan, Paul Regan Architects, New York
Collins Brothers Moving has worked on many jobs with Nouvelleview over the years. We are always impressed with their attention to detail and ability to streamline the moving process. Our moving crews can maximize their efficiency, a real advantage in saving time and money. Most impressive is the level of customer service they give to their clients, turning a “nail biting” complex move into a stress-free experience.
— John O’Hara, Collins Brothers Moving
“It seemed impossible to find one firm that could efficiently and safely move our wine and art collections as well as our personal belongings. That was until I saw NouvelleView featured in Quest Magazine and met with their founders. True to their tag line, they handled everything – including the unexpected – with professionalism and ease. They chose the best vendors to get the job done and had a thorough set of specs with which to guide them. I wouldn’t make a move without the team at NouvelleView.”
— M. Gilbert, NYC
“My move was effortless thanks to Kris and the team at NouvelleView. I will never move without their help again.”
— R. Albanese, NYC
“The only reason I survived my move from New York to LA is NouvelleView. I relocated both my home and business and was overwhelmed by the numerous details that had to be managed. With amazing speed and efficiency NouvelleView sorted, culled and packed and saved me money by identifying items that were not cost-effective to ship.”
— M. Anderson, Los Angeles, CA
“My experience with NouvelleView and Pamela Muller regarding my move was excellent in all respects.Pamela was thoroughly professional, organized, helpful, kind and understanding of the stress moving involves.I would highly recommend NouvelleView to anyone considering a move or needing organizational services.”
— S. Selkin, NYC
“This firm was a lifesaver for me! I was under a deadline to clear the interior of a house and re-stage it for real estate showings. Nouvelle View completed the job quickly and efficiently. They enhanced the appearance of the home and made it much more marketable.”
— S. Massey, NYC
“I hired NouvelleView to help me move from my home in Bridgehampton in 2011. It was a difficult move for me and Pamela & Patti guided me through the whole process. They were totally “hands on”. They helped me organize the move by sorting things I didn’t really need, helping me pack, and organized an Estate Sale”. It was a lot of work and I am forever grateful to them & their company. Everyone who I worked with was respectful, knowledgeable, and organized.
Since that move, I have used them for another smaller move and Nouvelle view continued to be a company I could count on and I would recommend to anyone who needs assistance in their move.”
— A. O'Malley, Bridgehampton
“Firstly, I have to just say another HUGE thank you for everything you did for my parents back when they were moving. It was such a stressful time for them and you were simply incredible (both organizationally and emotionally). Your positive attitude, sensitivity and kindness were so needed at the time, and made the whole thing easier. So thank you so much again!”
— Jen R., NYC
“Twenty seven years ago we moved our new and very young family from New York to Boston. Now it was time for retirement down south but without realizing it, our 27 years of memorabilia had become a mountain of ‘stuff’ and clutter that left me paralyzed with fear of a move. Furthermore, the sadness of losing all the memories/friends et al, warranted escape from the transition.

Enter NouvelleView to the rescue! One day I was living in our gentlemen’s farm in Massachusetts and after a short vacation in Maine, I arrived at our new home in Winter Park all ready to go! Dressing rooms organized, check. Kitchen organized, check. Plus all furniture placement was beautifully situated for comfort and sensibility of movement. The outdoor lounge was fabulous with potted plants all perfectly sited alongside the pool and beds. The one item that I had organized, the transportation of our vehicles, was totally botched by a very early delivery before occupation and would have been sent back to Boston from Winter Park had NouvelleView not been there early as well to step in and save the day. Meanwhile I was blissfully unawares with my muted cellphone while Pamela Muller was busy hunting down the transport company from the rogue driver’s description of where he picked up the cars at the executive airport in Portland, Maine! Sometimes you just need help from an overwhelming period of life and quite frankly, deserve to pamper yourself. I did and I did with NouvelleView. Thank you for saving us from disaster and stress and making our first day a beautiful moment to remember.”
— Louise M., Winter Park